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Belle is a cheerful and petite girl. You can never feel down when she is around. But Belle was not always like this. She used to be depressed and overweight. At least that was before she came to know Pilates.
Ever since she started her pilates journey, Belle is totally transformed. She found her passion, something that she wants to do for life. It was like she discovered herself all over again. The only thing that she lost was weight. A lot of weight.
Pilates taught Belle mind-body awareness. She loved the way it made her feel her body. She started using the correct muscles in her exercise routines and began to work out intelligently. It totally changed her physique and made her feel more confident.
After experiencing its healing potential, Belle decided to make teaching Pilates a lifetime career. She gave it all out to become a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor. Now, she can find joy in seeing her clients transform under her care.



  • Diploma in Performing Arts

  • Certified STOTT Pilates Intensive Mat & Reformer Instructor

  • Completion of Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels (ICCB)

  • Total Barre Certified Instructor 

  • Workshop Completion Anatomy Review, Postural Analysis Review





Stay home and Pilates with Belle!
You can start this session with me one on one, duet , or a group of minimun 3 pax!
All you need are a mat, water to keep yourself hydrated, and the amazing you!


Total Barre Class integrates elements of pilates, dance, cardio & strength training and combined with the music to double the fun! 

Same as Mat Pilates, you can start this session one on one, duet or a group of minimum 3 pax!

All you need is a chair and a mat :)


In the studio we will use Pilates Machine like Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Chair. Please check out my Youtibe video: The differences of Pilates Mat & Reformer.
Join me for a session in the studio!





Stay home and join me for a 45 minutes Pilates Session!

All you need is just mat, a bottle of water to keep yourself and amazing you!


Barre is an exercise that incoperate Pilates and Ballet. Move with music, move all the stress away!
All you need is just a chair and mat (we will be doing some floor exercise too!), bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated, and yourself!



Real Experiences, Stunning Results


no words can describe how I feel seeing the small change in me after only 10sessions with bell...everything was haywire with my entire body when I started..dignosed with acute prolapse disc, that was the worst pain ever. Bell has given me so much positive vibes to keep going ensuring I could overcome the pain slowly..her words has inspired me so much. tq so much bell, such a inspiring instructor n of coz with her cheerful character will make u forget the pain u went thru..hehe..looking forward to more sessions with u bell..



A year ago I decided to go for a trial pilates session with no intention of practicing it after. Just wanted to know what is pilates. That’s how I met Belle and started to practice pilates.
Love her vibe and teaching style.
Always look forward to seeing her.
She is punctual, always ready to welcome me and begin the session as soon as I settled in.
She is willing to come for 6.30am session, she must be praised for her commitment and dedication!
Instructions are clearly articulated with gentle approach.
Although we did not have any virtual session during MCO, she gives me tips by text.
I am loving pilates so much so recently I invited her for an Introduction to Pilates Workshop in my hometown - specially for my family members.
They loved her too and looks forward to having her again.
She has grown as much as I have since the day we met Thanks Belle for being part of my well being journey.

Hannah Hashim


I have been training with Belle for a year. Not only is she my instructor, but she also became a dear friend of mine in Malaysia. During the first session, I was often experiencing lower back pain and recovering from a knee injury. After a year of training, I don't even need to go for a massage for my sore back and of course no more knee pain! She is an amazing trainer that she often challenges(tortures) you to reach your potential! At the same time, she is super caring and would alter the exercise for you if you have any discomfort while doing certain moves.

Ella Leong


Belle is a tentative, professional and motivating trainer. I’ve been with Belle for 4 months now and I greatly enjoy my sessions with her. She is very well versed in the exercises and routines she uses in our sessions and answers all my queries with great detail and awareness. I started pilates with the Aim of improving my mental health and to introduce some low impact fitness into my daily routine. Belle has made my mornings very worthwhile with her cheerful attitude. I look forward to training with her for years to come!

If you’re looking for a trainer that pushes you during sessions and is also doubles as your biggest cheerleader. I’d definitely recommend a session with Belle!



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