Pilates Benefits : How Pilates Transformed my body

Here are 3 things that I do to make changes in life:

1. Be a mindful eater instead of restricting diet

For me, listen to your body is very important. I will go for dessert when I'm craving for sweets. When my nephew enjoying the chips I will eat together with him !

However , while removing the food guilt , I do control my portion, and do not overeating.

Therefore , eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full.

I believe if depriving ourselves of the foods we enjoy, it is not a long term solution to weight loss. Instead of restricting my diet, I ensure good nutrition, less process food (i still love luncheon meat btw) and maintain a healthy weight.

2. Be happy

A lot of people have been telling me that I look very different. And I believe that is an inside out transformation. Thank God for that💛

When I'm happy, I have a better self-image and a better who—that’s who I'm being and how I show up.

This is most likely where I make choices about life.

If you're reading this , I hope you passionately peruse your dream and be happy. You will get there, if you keep going💛

3. Pilates

Before I started pilates, I'm considered myself as an active person. I thought I'm kinda strong until I started pilates.

Can you believe that I'm able to do 50 times sit-ups in one shot. But I'm unable to do just one pilates roll up !

Pilates has taught me about body awareness and also to workout intelligently. Instead of using my neck or my lower back to pull my self up while doing sit up, I learn how to engage the right muscle : deep core( pelvic floor muscle) and the superficial core(6 pack). Now I'm really working on my abs , and avoiding the injuries by working on neck or lower back.

The more I practice and teaching pilates , the more I'm falling in love with it. Most importantly I believe we have to enjoy our workout instead of exercising as a form of punishment. Moving daily with enjoyment💛

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