My Pilates Journey

Thought of sharing my fitness journey! I used to be kinda chubby even though I was active. ( I used to jog, swim and hike at least once to twice a week.)

My body is transformed when I started my Pilates journey. Pilates has shown amazing result for my body when I learn to use the correct muscle to work out intelligently. (Instead of using my neck or lower back to pull myself up while doing sit-up, I learn how to engage the right muscle to make sure I'm really working on my abs, and avoid the injuries by working on neck or lower back.)

I learn to love my body more! My physique changed and Im more confident now!

Now I find joy seeing my students transform under my care! If you wish to stay fit, have a better body shape and posture, or ready to take your fitness to the next level, join me and start feeling the change and heal through movement!

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